cargo screening system
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Specially conceived
for huge volumes
of merchandise
Cargo Screening System - RASCargO™

Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction

RASCargO™, a unique cargo screening system, is the right answer for cargo security screening and for detection of contraband smuggling

The RASCargO™ system relies on a 2 stage method:

  1. Volatile materials like explosives, narcotics, banknotes, tobacco etc, are identified from closed volumes, through air drawing and are then captured on a specially designed filter.
  2. The filter is then presented for analysis and detection by specially and highly trained dogs.
Trucks, containers and pallets screening for explosives and narcotics

Make cargo screening an effective revenue source

cargo screening system as a solution for cargo security TSA and x-ray equipment RASCargO the container screening solution