Cargo Screening System

The most efficient method for cargo screening

 sniffer dogs

Services Explosives, Narcotics, Contraband

High detection capabilities of any prohibited substance

sniffer dogs

Security Dogs -
Effective, Viable Solution

Dogs are widely used for patrol and detection in car parks and in a wide variety of crowded areas.

These dogs are widely used in stadiums and other venues where their presence will deter
unruly or disruptive behavior.
The real work of decontaminating the venue from explosives, narcotics and other target
substances is carried out before, during and even after the event.

Due to the double efficiency, such dogs are most commonly used at stadiums,
mass events, fashion shows, concerts, sport events, etc.

Some of the dogs can also be trained for covert detection while walking among crowds in a sensitive area.
This application is highly efficient in deterring and detecting people trying to hide
and disappear within a crowd, such as suicide bombers, drug dealers, etc.

Dogs are widely used at stadiums and in other high-profile public environments
This application is highly efficient in deterrence and detection at stadiums and other venues
Government & Military K9 Units

DiagNose provides various types of security dogs:

  • General security dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Patrol dogs
  • Police canine and police canine training


sniffer dogs

DiagNose K9 Company

Watch the various detection services DiagNose has to offer

sniffer dogs

Bomb Detection Dogs

Highly trained explosive detection dogs in action

sniffer dogs

Roadside bomb detection dogs

DiagNose's unique application - controlling the dogs from remote