K9 Training

DiagNose has vast experience in the training and certification of K9 professionals. We operate state-of-the-art training facilities across Europe, all of which are fully licensed by the relevant authorities in each country as approved K9 training centres. DiagNose also holds permits to store and handle real explosives at each of its training centres, providing the dogs with real-life training scenarios.


All our trainers have real combat and operational experience and are involved in various entities researching working dog solutions.


Our training curriculum is based on the most up-to-date methods and techniques.


Our training programs are recognized by regulators across the globe, including the Dutch and French civil aviation authorities.

Handler Training

We train our handlers in full compliance with local and international standards. Each of our handlers is certified with the dogs they deploy. All our handlers and sniffer dogs attend continuous training throughout their careers, provided by our team of accredited and highly experienced Instructors.

Some of our most popular training courses include:

Basic Handler Detection (EDD/NDD/CDD) Course

Advanced Handler Detection Course Including High-Risk Environment Module (EDD/NDD)

IED Awareness Course

Special Response CT Dog Course

Decoy Course

Specialist Dog Handler Courses

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France: +33 3 10 18 80 05
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UK: +44 20 7874 7576
Canada: +1 905-333-4242
Spain: +34 91 329 5376
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USA: +1 224.808.7824

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