K9 Units Set-up and Training

Leveraging on our extensive experience and global network, DiagNose can support the entire process of setting-up a new K9 unit, in full compliance with all quality standards and operational and regulatory requirements.

Key milestones in setting-up a K9 unit include:

Phase 1 –“ Documentation

Survey in the destination country

Determination of operational requirements

Establishment of operational procedures

Preparation of course curriculum and certification test

Preparation of a timetable for the project

Phase 2 – Recruitment & Facilities

Recruitment of handlers and other qualified personnel

Preparation of import documents including dogs and equipment.

Setting-up training facilities

Setting-up kennel accommodation

Phase 3 – Training & Operations

Dog handlers training course (lasting 8-12 weeks)

Certification test

Operational work

If you have an existing K9 unit, we can also perform quality control checks and assessments. Our experienced K9 managers all have proven law enforcement and/or military experience in the K9 field and can travel to your country for the necessary period of time.

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