DiagNose is an international expert in the provision of canine screening solutions for passive and pro-active detection of explosives and narcotics. Our clients include: airports, airlines, seaports, freight forwarders, government agencies, law enforcement bodies, shopping centres, event organisers and more.

Who are we?

International provider of canine detection solutions

Certified by many governments, regulatory agencies, defence and law enforcement organizations

Sole provider of RASCargO™, a sophisticated detection solution using Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (REST) methodology

Canine Expertise

  • A wide range of canine detection solutions to suit the needs of the transportation industry, law enforcement bodies, and the hospitality and entertainment industries

  • Highly qualified team of canine professionals with over 20-years’ experience in delivering canine security services

  • State-of-the-art R&D facilities. Responsible for the development and deployment of some of the most innovative solutions in the canine security market


  • Hold local and government accreditations, in particular ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, showing full compliance in Enhanced Security

  • Capacity to set up and support canine services at various locations and in different-sized operations, in accordance with all training and regulatory requirements

  • Ability to deliver TSA compliant services. Our canine solutions are recognized by the TSA as an approved system for clearance of US-bound cargo

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The Diag-Nose team will be happy to provide more information regarding our dogs and products.


France: +33 3 10 18 80 05
The Netherlands: +31 20 653 52 64
UK: +44 20 7874 7576
Canada: +1 905-333-4242
Spain: +34 91 329 5376
Greece: +30 210 96 16 363
Belgium: +32 2 725 4612
USA: +1 224.808.7824

Part of the ICTS Europe Group

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