(Remote Explosives Scent Tracing)

The perfect solution for mass screening of cargo and vehicles

REST (Remote Explosives Scent Tracing)

The most efficient method for screening large volumes of cargo for explosives and contraband smuggling

Enhanced Security

Detection rate exceeds traditional technologies

Operational Efficiency

No restriction on size or volume

Revenue Growth

Thanks to higher throughput


Our RASCargO™ (Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction) solution was developed in line with the principles of REST and is based on a two-stage process:

Sample Collection:

Samples are collected by extracting air from pallets, boxes, trucks or containers through a specially designed filter, capturing the scent particles.

Filter Analysis:

The filters are then transferred to an analysis room, where they are placed on 6 stands. A specially trained dog moves down the line of stands, sniffing around each one. The dog is trained to sit by the stand if it detects explosive vapour.

Sectors of Deployment

A typical RASCargO™ team (dog + handler) can screen up to 24 trucks per hour (over 1,500 trucks on an 8-hour shift or more than 4,500 trucks on a 24-hours-a-day rota).

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