Diagnose NL to become the first company in europe to be certified as provider of a brand-new discipline in canine security screening

DiagNose Netherlands, ICTS Europe’s Dutch subsidiary for the provision of canine security services and part of the CTSN Group, has completed certification tests and received approval from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (police force) to operate Passenger Screening Dogs, (PSD) at Schiphol airport as additional security measure.
The dogs are uniquely trained to detect very small quantities of explosives, even when passengers are on the move, thereby screening more passengers at any given time.

“On 11 March 2019, our handlers and their search dogs successfully passed their accreditation test. This is a major achievement, and I am extremely proud of the entire team who has invested much time and effort in the training and in development of the methodology” said Oren Sapir, CEO & President ICTS Europe.

Explosive detection dogs are considered to be one of the most effective solutions available for the detection of explosives on people. DiagNose’s PSD’s have been very well received by passengers, with the dogs providing a real sense of security.